Business Valuation Services

Business Valuations

What is your business worth? Did you know that over 75% of Business Owners do not know what their business is worth? Do you know that over 40% of business owners have No life insurance protection and 50% of small businesses are underinsured?

We know that your business is your most valuable asset and that knowing your business’s real value is critical. Planning for your estate begins with your Business.

Selling your business is the most important sale of your life. This one sale affects not only yourself and your family but also your partners, employees and their families. Knowing the real value of your business could mean the difference between funded retirement plan or being unprepared for the road ahead.

At RE-MMAP INC., we can provide you with a comprehensive and accurate business valuation, which will help you plan for the future of your business as well as your family. Knowing the true value of your business is critical to proper business planning and achieving personal goals. Through our valuation process, we can help answer the questions that will lead to making informed decisions for the future.

We perform business valuations for:

  • Estate planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Selling a business
  • Tax planning purposes
  • Insurance purposes

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